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How do I get More Traffic?


We all want more customers.  More customers means more sales and growth for our businesses.  So how do we use the internet to generate more customers?

There are countless marketing tactics in the digital world but the basics are where I find it is easiest to begin.  To make sure the world knows what your business is, first make sure you register your business with Google My Business.

If you have ever used Google Maps, you should be aware of GMB.

Registering your business with GMB lets Google know who and where you are.  Google can now show the world where to find your business.  Google can also track your reviews and bring leads to you for free.

After your GMB page is fully optimized, make sure to manage is well.  Respond to your reviews to show potential customers your business cares about what the world is saying.

After completing your Google My Business profile, list your business on other directories (in the same format).  Directories such as Yelp, Yellow Pages, Manta, Facebook, and more, can open more opportunities for your business to be found on the internet.  The more reach, the better.

Having an responsive website with call to actions and opt-in forms, is another great marketing tactic.  Your website opens more opportunities for customers to find you online.  By using SEO and content creation around your business, Google can refer even more potential customers to your business.

Websites also offer the opportunity to manage clients more effectively, handle some of the sales process, educate your audience, and more.  All companies will need websites heading into the future since mostly all consumers have their attention on the internet.

From here, there are even more ways to get traffic.  Adwords, Facebook Ads, Youtube, Instagram, and more.  Lets start a conversation to see whats the most effective approach for your company today.

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