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How To Easily Make A Profitable Website & Get Free Traffic

When it comes to making money & marketing online, having a website should be step #1.

Websites are your space on the web where you can decide what to post and where.  This control gives you limitless possibilities and avenues for how you want to monetize your website.

Although social media platforms are great, they have their own rules.  They can also choose to ban your account based off of their rules and regulations. 

It’s important to have a space of your own online where you can drive your traffic, track it, and get conversions.

How to Make a Website From Scratch

Luckily, creating a website can be very simple in 2019.  You have the choice of having a freelancer design you a website or doing it yourself.

A great place to look for freelancers is

If you are the DIY type, let us begin.

1.) Start Your Website With Bluehost

Bluehost is the best hosting company for those on a tight budget who want reliable hosting for their website.

You will need to purchase hosting to host your website online.

Luckily, we’ve managed to get a great deal for you where you can also get a FREE Domain name!  The Domain name will be the name of your website URL.

Get the special deal right here and receive hosting for only $3.95 per month.

Choose A Plan

Bluehost offers multiple plans for your hosting needs.

First, you must decide on your intention.  Will you be creating 1 website or more?

If you aren’t sure, I would go with the plus plan or higher.  This is because you’ll be able to use UNLIMITED websites on your hosting account.

However, if you plan on creating 1 website and sticking to 1, the basic plan would be a great selection at only $2.95 per month.

Choose Domain & Install WordPress

After you have selected your plan, you can choose the free domain you will use for your website’s name.

Bluehost will tell you whether your name is available or not.

Keep in mind, although .com is the most popular, there is no problem with selecting a .co, .inc, or .club.  Each has the ability to get traffic and track the data.

2.) Choose A Theme

Once you have entered your WordPress dashboard, you officially are live with your new website.

You’ll have the option to choose when your website actually becomes live to others.

First, you’ll have to choose a theme and layout for your website.

Themes can make designing your website easier and give your website a good look and feel.

Free Themes vs Paid themes

Free Themes can be okay for starting out but keep in mind, changing themes after creating a lot of content can be challenging depending on the themes.

Check Out Elementor if you are interested in paid themes, this page builder is the best solution for the free route.

Free themes are usually very basic and don’t give the user much customization.  Usually, the free theme will try to upsell their paid version to give you more access to the capabilities of the theme.

This is why I would recommend starting out with a highly reputable paid theme.

Best Themes for beginners

Paid themes give you must customization capabilities.  They also come with support most of the time. This means, a member of the tech team will assist you if you have any questions along the way.  

Using a paid theme with a large support team is great for beginners because you will have questions.  The easier it is to find the answer the better.

Here are the best paid themes for beginners to look at.

  1. Divi Elegant themes (What I’m Using)
  2. Theme Forest

3.) Create Quality Content Around Your Niche

Once you are set up with a theme and your hosting account is ready, its time to create content.

Creating valuable content is crucial to getting people to want to engage with your website.

Make sure your site’s homepage explains what it is you do, how you do it, and who you are.

If you are a brand, answer these questions for your brand.

Your website can answer the questions that people have through your blog.

You can also post podcasts, videos, images, and gifs to keep your website interesting and worthy of other’s attention.

Visitors will associate the quality of your content with the quality of your brand, so make sure to give the content the attention and time it deserves.

Make sure your content clearly gives your audience the answers they would have about your niche.  The content is building rapport with your audience.  Building Trust is key.

4.) Grab Some Free Traffic

Once you have content and a nice website set up, it’s time to get traffic.  Traffic is like getting customers to come to your store. Once you get some traffic, you can see what page on your site is getting the most traffic and how you can better optimize your website to get your desired result.

Lets go over some effective ways to get traffic to your website.

Use SEO to Rank for Low Competition Keywords

Rank your content using keywords that people search up.  Search engine optimization is a great way to drive free traffic to your website.

As you see, some keywords have very low competition and VERY high search volume.  You can use a mix of low competition keywords and long tail keywords to rank high on Google & Bing Results fast.

Make sure your keywords are relating to your niche.  Ask yourself what questions your visitors are asking.  Also, think of situations that can occur that would lead to someone searching for your content.

Free traffic from search engine is one of the best.  The visitor is coming to your website with an intention to learn or buy something specific.  You simply will supply the right answer around the keywords that they will be using.

Check Out SEM Rush for keyword tools and the ability to spy on your competitor’s keywords.  You can also see their backlinks (other websites that vouch for their content).

Sem Rush Offers Free Daily Searches AND a Free Trial so throw some keywords in and get some data.

Sem Rush Offers Free Daily Searches AND a Free Trial so throw some keywords in and get some data. Get Started.


Comment On Similar Niche Websites

Commenting on similar niche websites is a great way to get your link out there.

Search google for websites in your niche and leave a helpful comment with a link back to your website.  Look for recently posted articles, this gives you the chance to have your comment waiting for all the upcoming traffic.

Use Social Media 

Social media is a great tool to use when looking for traffic.  Since social media platforms like Pinterest and Youtube get tons of traffic of people searching for something specific, it’s a great place to market your content.

Use Pinterest to pin your blog post.  Make sure to do proper keyword research so you can rank higher on the search engine.

Use Youtube to post videos of your content, or simply create slideshow videos around your niche to drive traffic to your website.

5.) Grow Your Email List

Your email list is one of your biggest assets.  Its crucial to capture your leads.

Since most people don’t purchase on first sight, following up is very important in the sales process.  This is why email marketing is very important.

Lucky, software exists that will automate this process for you.

Once you collect a new email, the mailing sequence will begin to market to your leads.

Test out GetResponse to get a free trial of the power of email marketing.

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