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Nj (SEO) Search Engine Optimization

Looking for the best NJ SEO Agency?

What is Nj SEO?

Seo stands for Search Engine Optimization.  Search Engines are websites that help us search for what we want, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

When your business is optimized for search engines, inbound leads have the opportunity to find you.  Seo does this for you.

Seo is the process of increasing a website’s ranking in the search engine results. Having a website that works in tune with google and your viewers adds more value to your site, which results in higher ranking.

Expand on that…

There are two types of results that come up on search engines (We will use google as an example since its largest search engine in the world).

Paid listings & Organic listings.

In Green Highlight, you’ll see the paid listings on google.  Businesses pay per click.  This means that, each time a potential customer clicks on one of this listings, the listing will be charged for that lead.

In Yellow, you’ll see the SEO organic listings on google.  These sites sit on the top of google because they earned google’s trust by optimizing their webite for the google search engine.

How Can Seo Help Local Nj Businesses

At Sure Expansion, we build websites designed to rank.  By focusing on keywords that generate leads and securing proper back links, we help local businesses be seen online.

Seo is a powerful tool to grab more inbound leads to your business.  Being ranked for your profession in your local city gives your community a chance to know who you are, find you, and build trust.

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Some of Our Effective Seo Strategies Include

Keyword Research

We Analyze your competition and google searches to determine which keywords your customers are typing into search engines.

On-Page Seo

We plant the keywords and links on your website to optimize the page for search engines.  These is what google and your users will see.

Off-Page Seo

This is the process of building links to your business along with citations on different directories so users and google see your credibility
Sure Expansion is New Jersey’s premier seo digital agency.  Our passion is helping clients succeed through online digital marketing by increasing traffic to a given website.

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